Regarding the convening of the twenty-sixth annual Meeting and the official notice of cloud Exhibiti

Members and related units:

This year, the Association has issued on June 10 "China Dairy Association [2020] No. 40 - Preparatory Notice on the convening of the 26th Annual Meeting and China (International) Dairy Technology Expo 2020"; In view of the current epidemic situation at home and abroad, THE association has decided to adopt the combination of online and offline forms for the 26th annual meeting, and change the form of exhibition to cloud exhibition (notice of cloud exhibition has been issued separately).

The theme of this year's conference is "To carry forward the spirit of China's dairy industry and gather the strength of China's dairy industry". The Conference will host the 2020 China (Global) Dairy Development Forum; Review and summarize the development situation of dairy industry at home and abroad in the past year, and discuss the opportunities and challenges of global dairy industry under the coVID-19 epidemic. The conference will also organize a number of professional technical lectures, the content of which involves the forefront of dairy science and technology and the supply of the whole industrial chain. The "Cloud Exhibition of China (International) Dairy Technology Expo 2020" will be held at the same time to showcase the latest technologies of domestic and international machinery, equipment, instruments and ingredients. At that time, there will be entrepreneurs, experts, management personnel from domestic dairy production enterprises, relevant service enterprises, scientific research institutions, universities and colleges, as well as leaders of relevant government departments, industry organizations, entrepreneurs, experts from the world dairy developed countries, etc., attending the meeting and giving speeches.

The main contents and related matters of the meeting are hereby notified as follows:

I. Organization:

Sponsor: China Dairy Industry Association

China National Committee of international Dairy Federation

Co-organizer: China Economic Network

China Travel International Convention & Exhibition Co. LTD

Supported by: Inner Mongolia Yili Industrial Group Co., LTD

Inner Mongolia Mengniu Dairy (Group) Co. LTD

China Feihe Co., LTD

Royal Dutch Friesland

Mead Johnson Nutrition (China) Co., LTD

Beingmate Inc

American Dairy Export Association

Shandong Bihai Packing Material Co. LTD

Ii. Meeting Time:

The meeting will last for seven days from September 11 to September 17, 2020

Iii. Main Contents of the Meeting:

(I) Opening Ceremony of the Conference, China (Global) Dairy Industry Development Forum 2020 and industry Commendation

Meeting mode: offline meeting, online live broadcast

Time: 13:30-17:30, September 11th

Location: Beijing (specific location to be determined)

Participants: leaders of ministries and commissions, vice chairmen, speakers and media

Content: the leaders of the competent ministries and commissions, as well as the heads of the industry organizations of dairy developed countries, dairy scientists, experts and entrepreneurs will deliver speeches, speeches and reports at the opening ceremony; To present science and technology Awards of China Dairy Industry Association.

(ii) Professional Technical Forum (online meeting)

1. Dairy Supply Chain and Milk Source Management Development Forum

Time: 09:00-12:00, September 12

The forum mainly discusses the design and construction of the supply chain of raw milk and other raw and auxiliary ingredients needed for dairy production, as well as the quality of raw milk. Strengthen the construction of high-quality milk source base, exchange the experience of dairy enterprises in the construction of high-quality milk source base, discuss the innovative mode of domestic and foreign pasture construction, exchange the supply and demand of domestic and foreign milk source.

2. Probiotics Technology Innovation and Industrial Application Development Forum

Time: 13:30-17:30, September 12

The forum mainly discusses the hot topics in the innovation of probiotics technology and industrial development, the trend of probiotics standards and regulations at home and abroad, and discusses the cutting-edge technology and application development of probiotics in the dairy field. Identification and screening techniques of probiotics and establishment of bacterial stock; Evaluation of probiotics function and safety; New technologies and product development trends of probiotics; Probiotics and host health, etc.

3. Early Nutrition Research and Development Forum for Infants and Young Children

Time: September 13, 09:00 -- 12:00 13:30 -- 17:30

The forum will focus on new health challenges in early life, nutrition and weight management during pregnancy, and infant formula nutrition. Use of functional ingredients and quality control to improve product quality and technical content; Production process improvement and innovation to improve product quality; Principles of formula design of food for special medical use.

4. Dairy Science and Nutrition Innovation Research and Development Forum

Time: 09:00 -- 12:00 13:30 -- 17:30, September 14

The forum mainly discussed the scientific research and innovation results of dairy products, and the technical workers of famous dairy industry, science and research institutions made reports on the technology and product r&d trends of dairy products.

5. Irish Dairy Science and Technology Development Forum

Time: 09:00-12:00, September 15

The forum focuses on innovative applications of Irish cheese flavor and texture and milk fat; Value-added dairy raw materials in infant nutrition, adult and professional nutrition and other functional dairy products innovation and application; Product quality, flavor enhancement and improvement.

6. Forum for the International Development of Dairy Consumption and Market

Time: 13:30-17:30, September 15

The forum mainly discusses the current situation and development trend of domestic and foreign dairy products consumption market. The structure of dairy products and its development prospect; Dairy products consumption concept and consumption guidance of Chinese consumers; The influence of new sales channels and models on the market and corresponding measures; Fierce market competition and harmonious win-win situation.

7. Ali Cloud Dairy New Retail number intelligent transformation discussion Forum

Time: 09:00-12:00, September 16th

The forum mainly discussed how to use new technology to discover and drive new business scenarios and business increment of dairy brands, and how to transform and innovate dairy companies. It analyzed the new retail mode of dairy industry from multiple dimensions, such as case interpretation. It provides ideas for enterprises to reduce cost, improve efficiency and innovate.

(iii) Cloud Exhibition of China (International) Dairy Technology Expo 2020

Time: From September 11th to September 17th, the exhibition period is 7 days

Online opening ceremony: 09:00, September 11

The "China (International) Dairy Technology Expo 2020" which was originally planned to be held in Chongqing International Expo Center will be changed to cloud exhibition. Cloud exhibition use 3 d (three dimensional) modeling technology to build virtual pavilion, simulated field experience and service experience, through access to tencent, baidu, ali, Linkedin (instant messaging platform), and other external resources to realize the cloud drainage, revealed with cloud, the cloud interaction, cloud, make real-time communication between customers and enterprises to form efficient. Exhibition Content:

1. Pasture construction: raw milk production equipment (milking machine, container and supporting pipe fittings, valve pump), quality and safety testing instruments, raw milk forage and feed testing consumables; Raw milk cold chain technology (including: raw milk truck, refrigeration tank, transport tank, milk storage tank);

2. Dairy processing: filling machinery, packaging machinery, sterilization equipment, cheese processing equipment, fluid equipment (valves, pipe fittings, pumps), transportation equipment, cleaning equipment, refrigeration equipment, dairy processing equipment, production water and sewage treatment equipment, industrial robots, etc.;

3. Dairy testing equipment: temperature calibration instrument, dairy testing instrument, testing reagent, etc.

4. Dairy ingredients: dairy additives (including enzyme preparations, leavening agents, sugar alcohols, bacteria, thickeners), raw materials and auxiliary materials for dairy production;

5. Dairy products packaging: packaging materials, packaging film, pipe insulation materials, printing technology, etc.;

6. Product traceability system, development and application of dairy technology, dairy publicity magazines, books, etc.;

Iv. Participants of the Annual Conference:

(1) Member units of China Dairy Industry Association, directors, executive directors, vice presidents and directors;

(2) Management personnel and professional technical personnel of each dairy processing enterprise, machinery and equipment manufacturing enterprise, raw and auxiliary ingredients supplying enterprise, packaging material producing enterprise, information technology service unit, etc.;

(3) Leaders and experts of dairy industry supervision departments and institutions of all provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the Central Government);

(4) Persons in charge of dairy (dairy) associations of all provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the Central Government);

(5) Experts and scholars from institutions of higher learning and scientific research units at home and abroad;

(6) Persons in charge of trade organizations and experts in countries with developed dairy industries;

(7) Relevant media.

V. Relevant Information of the Conference:

"China Dairy Industry Newsletter (8th Issue)", "2020 industry Situation Report", "China Dairy Industry Association Bulletin" and so on will be mailed to each member unit.

The meeting agenda will be launched in the form of posters on the association's website and WeChat official account, please pay attention.

6. This meeting is free of charge

Vii. Contact Person and Contact Information:

(I) Opening Ceremony and Commendation:

Super 010-68396568 liu. 1370133226

Wang Lirong 010-68396513 13911305593

Lv Dongmei 010-68396511 18610229923

(ii) Collection of Reports of Professional Technical Forum:

Lu Que 010-68396568 13161279590

(III) Thesis Collection:

Yue Zengjun 010-68396515 13811470749

(iv) Award Declaration:

Lu Que 010-68396568 13161279590

(V) Cloud Exhibition

Liu Zhilan 010-68396511 13552865485

Song Xiuyu 010-68396513 13439500373

Mail box:

Web site: WeChat ID: cdia_2015

China Dairy Industry Association